We are planing for an improved WGBS  set for AUGUST 6th 2017

The Newton Stewart Rotary thanks everyone for their support last year and helping us to raise £1500 for young children with Type 1 Diabetes and £1500 for the eRanger hospital motor bikes with attached stretcher.  The process has started to update the website and we thank you for your patience.

On the 6th August the escorted ‘Ride In’ gathering will once again be in Castle Douglas. It is the intention to use the same route.

At the Newton Stewart Riverside carpark their will be less emphasis on music, more on bikes and auto jumble but we need your suggestions to help us to make sure that your time to make the effort is repaid with a great experience.

We will be publishing a few questions to seek your ideas and advice in the very near future.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Newton Stewart for the first, second or third time.

*Parking for bikers has been reserved in the arena area*


Please tell your friends, post it on facebook, tweet it, send postcards, do whatever you have to do to get the word out. We need your support. This show is about you, the biker. It is not about selling things to you (well apart from food and a few other bits and pieces.) It is about having a day out on the bike, meeting fellow bikers, and raising money for charity. Please let’s show everyone what great people bikers are, and what we can do.

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